III Torneig Internacional Cadet Sant Josep [ENG]


Real Madrid

  • Matteo Spagnolo (2003). I think he was the best player of the tournament. He showed he was the most mature player there. He just carried his team when they need him more. He has shown a wide offensive game. He can score driving to the basket, shooting from mid-long range and he knows how to use his body in the paint. His height let him defend from 1 to 3 at this level. He needs to be more unselfish player.
  • Konstantin Kostadinov (2003). He was probably the most phisichally developed prospect of the tournament. He has a strong upper body and a explosive lower body that let him to go to the rim with agressiveness. He dunked more than 2 times in every game. He might not grow more, so he should keep trying to develop into a wing. Injuries didn’t let him play competitive minutes at SF. He must work on his shooting, handling and perímeter defense.
  • Urban Klavzar (2004). He is scoring machine. Needs to work on his long range shot, but he looks good in the mid range. He has shown as a terrífic player when he drives to the basket. He can score in traffic. He is a great perimeter defender and that let him to get some easy buckets after stealing the ball.
  • Núñez & Garuba (2004).  Núñez is an electric ball handler. He showed a crossover master when he was on the court. He has some big minutes in the most difficult moments of his team. Meanwhile, Ousman Garuba’s little brother is an permiter versión of his brother: all-round defender who goes to the rim very well. 

Joventut de Badalona

  • Iker Montero (2003). Iker is a very quick guard with great ball handling and shooting skills. He always did it well when his team needed him. He has killing instincts on the both ends of the floor. On defense, he was one of the main players showing he wasn’t afraid to guard players bigger than him. He finished as MVP of the tournament and scored 5 3pts against Real Madrid in the finals. 
  • Alex Rubin de Celis (2003). He looks like the most creative guard of his team. He got some big three point shot during the tournament, but he didn’t do it so good in the final round. He has problemas to drive to the basket due to his physical abilities, but he uses an effective floater shot to hide himself from contact negar the rim. 
  • Fernand Vilar (2003). He was the tallest player of Joventut with 6-7. Vilar Is a center who knows how to move in the court. He has a great game off the ball and he has a great feeling with his partners on the low post. He is a fighter on both ends on the court and he showed some interesting skills on passing. 

F.C. Barcelona

  • Gael Bonilla (2003). He showed as the best player of his team by far. Gael is a swingman who can do a bit of everything on the court: he is a prolific scorer, he can rebound well and he was the better passer in the tournament. He helped in interior defense due to his team lack of height (he finished as best blocker of the tournament with 1.5 bpg). He needs to improve in his game consistency. He has a lot of up and downs during the game and it doesn’t work well for his team. He is mostly a finisher near the rim on transition and he needs to improve his shooting mechanics.
  • Teodor Simic (2004). He didn’t play many minutes, but he made the difference when he was on the court. He is an old school center. He is tall, he likes to work in the paint, he has a few movements in the low post. He is a good shooter from free throw line and his shooting mechanics makes you think he can develop as a mid-long range distance in the future. His presence change dynamics during the game. 
  • Iñaki Ordóñez (2003). He was the Bonilla’s support. Ordoñez is a wing who can shoot very well from mid/long range distance. He is very mobile and that probably makes him a 3-4 in the future. Anyway this is hard to define in this F.C. Barcelona roster due to the presence of some players with same height and similar skills. Like Bonilla, he needs to be more consistent in his shooting. 

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